Over the years, we have supported prospective graduates in securing placement opportunities within various sectors within our charity. Our year-long placement program helps students gain valuable experience in a NGO environment. Read about their experiences and current positions below!

mahnoor haq

Job title: English Co-Ordinator

Year worked: 2021/2022

Job description:  I was tasked to oversee the administrative aspect of the ESOL classes, marking assessments, writing tutor notes for each student and assisting in aiding students within the class. Aside from this, I was also involved in completing funding applications as well as partaking in the creative input of the Instagram and the SYCC website. From these responsibilities, I have gained a valuable insight into the teaching profession and the positive impact is has on the wider community. SYCC has allowed me to have a wider perspective on the various sectors that are available to my relevant degree and as a result has given me the confidence to participate in these areas.
What I'm doing now: I am currently preparing for my final year at university. 

Manpreet garcha

Job title: Finance analyst

Year worked: 2021/2022

Job description: My main role at the centre was handling all facets of the finance department. This involved Payroll, Expenditure, Petty Cash and other key finance responsibilities. As well as this, I was heavily involved in the administrative tasks behind the BBO Bridges and Family Matters Projects such as monthly reports and HR. In addition, I led the Healthy Cooking Project as part of the Better Heath Programme, conducting weekly sessions to educate clients on the value of having a balanced and healthy diet. The centre also encouraged me to utilise my creative side by producing marketing materials such as posters, newsletters, and social media campaigns in order to re engage and attract new clients following the after effects of COVID.

What I'm doing now: I am currently preparing for my final year at university.

Rahat Haque

Job title: Finance analyst

Year worked: 2020/2021

Job description: My role involved meticulous updating, maintaining and inspecting all components of SYCC finances. This included Purchases, Wages/salaries and automated payments. Moreover, I also engaged in the Youth clubs as well as assisting individuals with job searches. SYCC helped me to gain valuable work experience in finance and business and further prepared me for life after university.

What I’m doing now: I am currently undertaking my final year of university studying Economics. With the tools SYCC has given me I hope to enter the finance, business and management fields.

Chanel Kaur Kainth

Job title: HR Officer

Year Worked: 2019/2020

Job description: I participated in the recruitment process helping the manger with sifting through CV’s, booking individuals for job interviews and advertising job places via social media. Other than this I was heavily involved with the social media marketing for example updating the SYCC Instagram page.


Job title: English Co-ordinator

Year worked: 2019/2020

What I did at SYCC: My main job role was to manage the English classes, ensuring that all students have completed an entrance assessment as well as teaching them conversational English that they would be able to use in the wider community. Additionally, I also managed the Homework club with my fellow colleagues where we provided support to students above the age of 11 in the core subjects of Maths and English. Alongside this, I managed the front desk dealing with face-to-face enquiries and telephone calls acting as translator for elderly clients who were unable to communicate in English and needed access to our services, some of which included applying for Universal Credit, applying for Council Tax Reductions and other general services too.

What I'm doing now: Currently I am attending the University of Birmingham on a PGDipEd (Post Graduate Diploma in Education) course in Secondary English. I am training to become a teacher in secondary education and have been attending a placement in a secondary school, both observing and delivering lessons to KS3 and KS4.

Francis Botchway

Job title: Finance Analyst

Year worked: 2019/2020

Job Description: I served as a Finance Analyst, helping my line manager organise, record and report all matters to do with finance. This included payroll, updating the ledger on a daily basis and dealing with invoices. Aside from this, I was also involved in other projects within the centre. SYCC is a charity and as such offers free after school activities for young people within the Sandwell borough. Some of my other responsibilities involved in heading the homework club project and assisting with the youth club and football project. After completing my placement year at the centre I was offered a part time role at SYCC.

Tosin Borode

Job title: Finance Analyst

Year worked: 2019/2020

Job description: I was involved with the finance at SYCC. This included doing petty cash, expenditure authorisation, ledger accounting and being heavily involved in the payroll. In addition to this I was involved with the learnmyway project and aiding the youth club activities.

What I’m doing now: I am currently working as a margin control analyst for McKesson. This includes dealing with rebates whilst submitting journals and running multiple reports such as VAT adjustments and AD Hoc invoicing. SYCC gave me the foundation to be able to apply the skills I currently use and has been successful in aiding my transition to employment.

Kamran Waheed

Job title: Finance Analyst

Year worked: 2017/2018

Job description: I helped the manager in all finance related tasks such as monthly payroll, ledgers and bank reconciliations including supplier invoices. I also assisted in other sectors of work such as fund raising and youth work.

What I’m doing now: Preparing for a graduate scheme at BDO as a tax associate.