SYCC was established in 2001 as a multi-agency and cross-sector resource centre. We are a youth and community centre based in Smethwick, which is a diverse but deprived locality facing interlinked problems of social exclusion, economic marginalization, crime and youth violence, with a poor education and welfare infra-STRUCTURE. We aim to tackle these problems with our unique startegy which has helped to rebuild lives and created lasting community relations.

how we run?

SYCC is overseen by nine trustees, with an influence from Guru Nanak Gurdwara in Smethwick, who have appointed an Chief Executive Director and an Central manager to maintain the centre‚Äôs strategic direction and the professionalism of its day-to-day services.


We offer inclusive cultural, educational, recreational and social programmes through a combination of paid and voluntary staff, whose work deploys a nuanced, intimate understanding of the needs of diverse deprived communities. With our commitment to community cohesion, we prioritize equity and welcome people from all communities and all ages, including seniors, adults, youth and children

REDUCE social deprivation & exclusion, low levels of skills, social isolation, crime and drug misuse;

  • RAISE educational standards;

  • IMPROVE health, employment opportunities, household incomes and;

  • SUPPORT SME business regeneration and diversification pathways leading to vibrant community regeneration and strengthening of the local neighbourhood.